Sociology 101, Introduction to Sociology @QC
Readings for SPRING 2013, Professor Levine



The first two weeks readings are available below as pdf files that you can print out.  Just click on the underlined link and you will be taken to a pdf of the article. Print it out.  Readings are available at Queens Copy Center 65-01 Kissena Blvd.  Directly across from the main entrance to QC, BELOW Gino's Pizza Ask for the Sociology 101 Readings for Professor Levine's Class


This reading list is the most important document in the class. Know it well!



Part 1. Living In The Real World: Culture and Institutions Are Not As They Seem


1. Jan. 28-30 - "Things Are Not As They Seem To Be":  The peculiarities and hidden uses of cultural patterns
-  Really, Really important Things To Know For This Class and The EXAMS

-  Body Rituals of the Nacirema  by Horace Miner 
Baseball Magic by George Gmelch
India's Sacred Cow  by Marvin Harris

2. Feb 4-6 -    Society Inside of Us: Roles in Culture, Ethnicity, Socialization, and Internalization
-  Cultural Responses to Pain  by Mark Zborowski,
Learning The Student Role: Kindergarten As Academic Boot Camp  by Harry Gracy
Culture - the Encarta Encyclopedia


3. Feb. 11-13. The Contradiction Between Corporate Profit and the Public Good: What Happens when Corporations Are Not Regulated By Government?
-  Love Canal by Michael Brown
-  Pinto Madness by Mark Dowie

4-5. Feb. 18-20 & Feb 25-27. Marijuana Arrests & Stop & Frisks:Things Are Not As They Seem At the NYPD
[No school Mon Feb 18. President's Day ]
- Marijuana Arrests in New York, 1978-2010 - by Harry Levine
- Marijuana Arrest Crusade: Racial Bias and Police Policy in New York City
  by Harry G. Levine and Deborah P. Small
- Stop & Frisks Leave Raw Feelings - Wendy Ruderman
- It's Time To Fix the Frisk - Norman Siegel and Ira Glasser
- Manufacturing Low Crime Rates at the NYPD - E. Silverman, J. Eterno and J. Levine

6-A,  Monday MARCH 4, *****FIRST EXAM****.    Click here for a study guide for the First Exam


Part 2:  Family, Race, Wealth, and The Sociological Imagination

6-B,  Wed. March 6.  Health and Government Policy
- Teenage Pregnancy In Developed Countries by Jones et. al.
- Health care in crisis: does Canada have the answer? From Consumer Reports


7. March 11-13. The Impact of Institutional Racial Bias 
- Racism and Research: The case of the Tuskegee syphilis study  by Alan Brandt,
- Decisions of death. by David Bruck
- Asian Americans: The Myth Of The Model Minority  by Ronald Takaki



8. March 18-20. Wealth and Inequality in America  and the Sociological Imagaination
 - Inequality: Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%  by Joseph Stiglitz
- The Great Wealth Transfer by Paul Krugman
- Helping The Poor, The British Way by Paul Krugman


9. March 25-April 1 Spring Break

10. April 3 (Wed) The Sociological Imagination and Invitation to Sociology
- The Promise of the Sociological Imagination. by C. Wright Mills,
- Invitation To Sociology by Peter Berger - Read Back Cover, Table Of Contents,  Preface.
- read Chapter 1. "Sociology As An Individual Pastime."
  Bring Invitation to Sociology to class


11. April 8 Review. Wed April 10. ****SECOND EXAM**** April 10.   Click here for a study guide for the Second Exam



All readings from now on from the book by Peter Berger, Invitation to Sociology.


Part 3: Things Are Not As They Seem With The Sociological Imagination


12. April 15-17 "FOUR MOTIFS: Debunking, Unrespectabiity, Relativizing, Cosmopolitanism
- read Chapter 2 "Sociology as a Form of Consciousness (Bring the book to class)
Tip: first read the last two pages of Chapter 2 first, especially the last paragraph of Chapter 2.


13, April 22-24. SOCIAL CONTROL, Institutions, Stratification 

- read Chapter 4 "Man In Society" (Bring the book to class)


14. April 29-May 1, ROLES, Reference Groups, Socialization, Internalization, & The Sociology Of Knowledge
- read: Chapter 5: "Society In Man" (Bring the book to class)


15. May 6-8. Real CHOICE And Real FREEDOM In The Real World (Bring the book to class)
- read: Chapter 6: "Society As Drama"
- skim: Chapter 8: "Sociology As A Humanistic Discipline"
- read closely: The Last Three Pages Of Chapter 8 -- Pages 174-176


16. May 13-15. Review Berger and The Semester. (Bring book to class)

May 15 is the last class (Bring the book and all readings to class)


Study Materials for the Final Exam are here:


-- Chart for Berger's Book.pdf


The final exam covers the whole semester.


****Final Exam***** To be scheduled by registrat May 17-May24.
All final exams at the college, including ours, will be scheduled by the QC Registrar and held in the two weeks following the last class. The time of the final exam is announced by the Registrar's office later in the semester.


The final exam covers the whole semester.  The final exam covers the whole semester.

For the second half of the course we read:

Peter Berger, Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective  It will available through the book store and at and at


This reading list is the most important document in the class. Know it well!