/ Introduction to Sociology @QC / Professor Levine
Things Are Not As They Seem: Seeing Actual Groups and People in the Real World


The readings for this course are in two readers available at:  

Queens Copy Center, 65-01 Kissena Blvd. Across from the entrance to QC, below Gino's Pizza.

Ask for the Sociology 101 Readings for Professor Levine's course.

Readings for the first two weeks are on line, below. All or nearly all others are in the printed readers (there may be some handouts in class).


Part 1. Culture, Roles, Institutions, and Social Control: Things are not as they seem


1 & 2. Jan 31, Feb 2, 7 & 9 - Things Are Not As They Seem: The hidden effects of cultural patterns  (these are on line)
- 1.Body Rituals of the Nacirema - by Horace Miner / 5 pages (on line – click title.

- 2.Baseball Magic - by George Gmelch / 7 pages (on line – click title)

- 3.India's Sacred Cow and Its Economic Uses - by Marvin Harris / 8 pages ( click title)

- 4.Important Things About Sociology, College, this Course and Exams  / 7 pages (click title)

- 5.Sociology as a Way of Thinking About the World – by Jay Gabler and others (click title)

3. Feb 14-16 - Roles, Culture, Ethnicity, Socialization, and Internalization: Society Inside
- 6.The Silent Language: Cultural Differences and Nonverbal Communication by Edward & Mildred Hall / 9 pages

- 7.Women and Men in Conversation: “What Do You Mean?” – by Deborah Tannen / 7 pages
- 8.Cultural Responses to Pain - by Mark Zborowski, / 8 pages

- 9.The Secret of Jamaica's Runners – by Orlando Patterson / 3 pages

- 10.Culture - the Encarta Encyclopedia / 5 pages


4. Feb 21-23 - The Contradiction Between Corporate Profit and the Public Good: What Happens When Corporations Are Not Regulated?
- 11.Love Canal - by Michael Brown / 14 pages
- 12.Pinto Madness - by Mark Dowie / 17 pages

- 13.The Wells Fargo Bank Scandal of 2016 – The New Yorker and the New York Times / 6 pages


5, Feb 28-March 2 – Institutions and Policy for Health and Work

- 14.Teenage Pregnancy In Western Countries - by Jones et. al. / 16 pages

- 15.Health Care in Crisis: Does Canada Have The Answer? - From Consumer Reports / 10 pages

- 16.Over the Counter at McDonald’s - by Robin Leidner / 12 pages

6. March 7–9 - Wealth and Inequality
- 17.Inequality: Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% - by Joseph Stiglitz / 5 pages

- 18.The Great Wealth Transfer - by Paul Krugman / 11 pages

- 19.Nickle and Dimed – by Barbara Ehrenreich / 14 pages
- 20.Helping The Poor, The British Way by - Paul Krugman / 2 pages


7. March 14-16 - Policing and Race and the Intense Policing of Minor Offenses in New York City and Beyond

- 21.The Scandal of Racist Marijuana Arrests – by Harry Levine / 8 pages

- 22.Black Lives and the Police – by Darryl Pinckney / 7 pages

- 23.The Awful Criminal Court Summons System in NY City – by Harry Levine and others – 4 articles 18 pages


8. March 21-23 - Obama, Trump, and the Sociological Imagination / Review

- 24. Reading to be assigned and posted at




9. March 28-30 - Review and *******EXAM on THURSDAY MARCH 30********




Part 2. Culture, Roles, Institutions, and Social Control: People and Groups in the Real World


ALL READINGS FROM THE SECOND READER (Part 2) available in March at Queens Copy Center. They are from a book, Invitation to Sociology by Peter Berger.


10. April 3-5

Read: Chapter 1 “Sociology As a Pastime” and Read and Skim to the end of Chapter 2 “Sociology as a Form of Consciousness”


11-12. Spring Break April no classes for us on April 11, 13, 18 & 20

Over the spring break read closely: Chapter 2 “Sociology as a form Of Consciousness” and Chapter 3 “Sociological Perspective: The Person in Society”


13. April 25-27

Come back ready to discuss: Chapter 2 “Sociology as a form Of Consciousness” and Chapter 3 “Sociological Perspective: The Person in Society”


14. May 2-4

Chapter 4 “Sociological Perspective: Society inside a Person”


15. May 9-11

Chapter 5 “Sociological Perspective: Society as Drama and Sociology as a Humanistic Discipline”


16. May 16-18 (Last class) Review: Obama, Trump and Living In The Real World

Reading to be assigned


FINAL EXAM – TUESDAY, MAY 23rd, 1:45 – 3:45 in our lecture room.



The final exam is scheduled by the registrar’s office which announces the final exam schedule during the semester. The first day of final exams is Friday May 19, and the last day is Friday May 26. 


On the web site there will be a guide to preparing for the midterm exam and materials for the final exam. Also, be sure to read closely the reading “Important Things about “Sociology, College, The Course and Exams.”

The final exam covers the whole semester and all the readings and lectures. The final exam is cumulative.

This reading list is the most important document in the course. Know it well!