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Culture, Roles, Institutions and Social Control:

Seeing Groups and People in the Real World



The readings listed below for this course in a reader available at:

Queens Copy Center, 65-01 Kissena Blvd. Across from the entrance to QC, below Gino's Pizza.

The reader will be available the first week of classes. 

Ask for the Sociology 101 Readings for Professor Levine's course.


The first five readings are on line at www.sociology101.net

All others are in the printed reader (plus a few readings assigned later in the semester).


Part 1:  Culture, Roles and Institutions


JAN 29-31 

- 1.Body Rituals of the Nacirema - by Horace Miner / (on line – click title)

- 2.Sociology as a Way of Thinking About the World – by Jay Gabler (on line - click title)


FEB 5-7  

- 3.Baseball Magic: Ritual, Taboo and Fetish - by George Gmelch / (on line – click title)

- 4.India's Sacred Cow and Its Economic Uses - by Marvin Harris / ( on line - click title)

- 5.Important Things About Sociology, College, this Course and Exams  / (on line -click title)


FEB 12-14

- 6.Cultural Responses to Pain - by Mark Zborowski

- 7.Women and Men in Conversation: “What Do You Mean?” – by Deborah Tannen 


FEB 20-21  (no class Monday, Class on Tues and Wed)

- 8.Teenage Pregnancy In Western Countries - by Jones et. al. 

- 9.Health Care in Crisis: Does Canada Have The Answer? - From Consumer Reports 


FEB 26-28     

- 10.Inequality: Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% - by Joseph Stiglitz 

- 11.The Great Wealth Transfer - by Paul Krugman 


MARCH 5-7 

- 12.The Wells Fargo Bank Scandal of 2016 – The New Yorker and the New York Times 

- 13.The Republican Tax Plan Favors the Wealthy. Why? Paul Krugman


MARCH 12-14 - Review



Part 2:  Institutions, Social Control and Inequality


March 26-28  

- 14. The Scandal of Racist Marijuana Arrests – by Harry Levine 

- 15. 60,000 Marijuana Arrests in Mayor de Blasio’s New York – Harry Levine & Loren Siegel


APRIL 2 – Spring Break


APRIL 9 (no class Wed)

- Return Midterm exams


APRIL 16-18 

- 16.Love Canal - by Michael Brown 

- 17.Pinto Madness - by Mark Dowie 


APRIL 23-25

- 18.Nickle and Dimed – by Barbara Ehrenreich 
- 19.Helping The Poor, The British Way by - Paul Krugman/


APRIL 30-May2

- 20.Over the Counter at McDonald’s - by Robin Leidner 

- 21.The Secret of Jamaica's Runners – by Orlando Patterson 


MAY 7-9 Articles to be assigned in class


MAY 14-16  Review – Last class May 16


Final exams to be scheduled by Registrar – From May 17 to May 23. The registrar will post the final exam schedule later in the semester.