Sociology 101, Introduction to Sociology @QC
Readings for Fall 2015, Professor Levine
(not final list)

The first two weeks readings are on line at:




This reading list is the most important document in the class. Know it well!

Part 1. Cultures and Corporations Are Not As They Seem: Perceiving the Real World


1. Aug 31 - Sept 2 - Things Are Not As They Seem:  The hidden effects of cultural patterns
-  Body Rituals of the Nacirema  by Horace Miner  [MUST READ FOR WED SEPT 2]
Baseball Magic by George Gmelch [READ FOR WED SEPT 2]
India's Sacred Cow  by Marvin Harris
-  important Things To Know About Preparing for Class and Exams, and What College Is

2. Sept 7-9 (no class Mon) -  Society Inside of the Individual: Roles, Culture, Ethnicity, Socialization, and Internalization
-  Cultural Responses to Pain  by Mark Zborowski,
Learning The Student Role: Kindergarten As Academic Boot Camp  by Harry Gracy
Culture - the Encarta Encyclopedia


3. Sept 14-16 (No class Mon)  The Contradiction Between Corporate Profit and the Public Good: What Happens when Corporations Are Not Regulated?
-  Love Canal by Michael Brown
-  Pinto Madness by Mark Dowie



Part 2:  Health, Police, Wealth and Major Institutions ( dates and readings are tentative )


4,  Sept 21-23 - Caring for People in Modern Societies
- Teenage Pregnancy In Developed Countries by Jones et. al.
- Health care in crisis: does Canada have the answer? From Consumer Reports


5. Sept 28-30 - Summonses, Arrests, Warrants, Punishments: The Policing of Minor Offenses by Age, Class and Race.
- Inside the Warped World of Summons Court - Brent Staples - NY Times

- New York City's 1.2 Million Arrest Warrants for Non-Criminal Offenses - By Various Authors, Aug 2015
- Police Shootings & The Dangers Of Turning Police Officers Into Revenue Generators, by Jack Hitt, Oct 2015
- 'Black Lives Matter' and the GOP, by Charles Blow, NY Times, Aug 2015

- 500,000 Summonses A Year - Harry Levine

- A New Look At Punishment For Minor Offenses, by Stephanie Clifford, NY Times, Aug 2015


6, Oct 5-7  - The Epidemic of Marijuana Possession Arrests 

- 600,000 Marijuana Possession Arrests in New York City - by Harry Levine

- Race, Class and Marijuana Arrests in Mayor de Blasio's Two New Yorks, by Harry Levine and other authors)
-The Scandal of Racist Marijuana Possession Arrests by Harry Levine


7. Oct 12-14 - (No class Monday) Wealth and Inequality
- Inequality: Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%  by Joseph Stiglitz
- The Great Wealth Transfer by Paul Krugman
- Helping The Poor, The British Way by Paul Krugman

8, Oct 19-21  Review


9, Oct 26-28 *******EXAM********


Click here for a study guide for the First Exam (coming)



Part 3: A New Invitation to Sociology  (tentative)

Readings from now on are revised excerpts from the book Invitation to Sociology by Peter Berger, and other articles. The Reader for this will be available at Queens Copy Center in October. 


10. Nov 2-4. Invitation to Sociology: Sociology as a Form of Consciousness
- Preface and Chapter 1: Sociology as a Past Time - (Things are not as they seem)

- Chapter 2: Sociology As A Form Of Consciousness -  (Four Motifs: Debunking, Unrespectabiity, Relativizing, Cosmopolitanism) 


11. Nov 9-11 - Social Control, Institutions, Stratification
- Chapter 3: The Individual in Society read twice (plus)


12: Nov 16-1 - Society Inside the Individual:  ROLES, The Sociology of Knowledge, Reference Groups, Socialization, & Internalization
-  Chapter 4: Society Inside Of the Individual


13: Nov 23-25 - Society As Drama:  Real Choice and Real Freedom In The Real World

- Chapter 5: Society as Drama: Sociology as a Humanistic Discipline


14:  Nov 30-Dec 1 -   ****EXAM this week ****


15:  Dec 7-9-14   Review and Last Class



The final exam covers the whole semester and all the readings and lectures. The final exam is cumulative.

This reading list is the most important document in the class. Know it well!


The readings for this course WILL soon be available (ideally by the second week of classes) at: 

Queens Copy Center 65-01 Kissena Blvd. 

Directly across from the main entrance to QC,  BELOW Gino's Pizza.  

Ask for the Sociology 101 Readings for Professor Levine's Class.

All final exams at the college, including ours, will be scheduled by the QC Registrar and held in the two weeks following the last class.