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Things Are Not As They Seem: Perceiving the Real World



The readings for this course are in bound readers available at:  

Queens Copy Center 65-01 Kissena Blvd.  Across from the entrance to QC, below Gino's Pizza.  

Ask for the Sociology 101 Readings for Professor Levine's Class.

Readings for the first week are on line, below. All others are in the printed readers

Part 1. Roles, Social Control, Culture, and Large Organizations


1. Aug 29 - Sept 5 - Things Are Not As They Seem:  The hidden effects of cultural patterns  
-  1.Body Rituals of the Nacirema  by Horace Miner  / 5 pages  (on line – click title)

-  2.Baseball Magic by George Gmelch / 7 pages (on line – click title)

-  3.India's Sacred Cow and Its Economic Uses  by Marvin Harris / 8 pages (on line – click title)

-  4.Important Things About College and About Class and Exams   / 7 pages (click title)

2. Sept 12-14 -  Roles, Culture, Ethnicity, Socialization, and Internalization: Society Inside
-  5.The Silent Language: Cultural Differences and Nonverbal Communication by Edward & Mildred Hall /9 p

-  6.Women and Men in Conversation: “What Do You Mean?” – by Deborah Tannen / 7 pages
-  7.Cultural Responses to Pain  - by Mark Zborowski, / 8 pages

-  8.The Secret of Jamaica's Runners – by Orlando Patterson / 3 pages

-  9.Culture - the Encarta Encyclopedia / 5 pages


3. Sept 19-21 The Contradiction Between Corporate Profit and the Public Good: What Happens when Corporations Are Not Regulated? 
-  10.Love Canal by Michael Brown / 14 pages
-  11.Pinto Madness by Mark Dowie / 17 pages


4,  Sept 26-28 – Institutions and Policy for Health and Work – (Mon Sep 26 – First Prez Debate)

- 12.Teenage Pregnancy In Western Countries - by Jones et. al. / 16 pages

- 13.Health Care in Crisis: Does Canada Have The Answer? - From Consumer Reports / 10 pages

- 14.Over the Counter at McDonald’s - by Robin Leidner / 12 pages

5. Oct 6  (Wednesday and Thursday only) -  Wealth and Inequality
- 15.Inequality: Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% - by Joseph Stiglitz / 5 pages

- 16.The Great Wealth Transfer - by Paul Krugman / 11 pages

- 17.Nickle and Dimed – by Barbara Ehrenreich / 14 pages
- 18.Helping The Poor, The British Way by Paul Krugman / 2 pages


6. October 10-12. Hillary, Trump, and The Election -- Sun Oct 9 Second Presidential Debate

- 19.Why Hillary Clinton is Widely Disliked and Widely Admired – by Anna Greenberg, Washington Post,

       July 29 -- AND To Trump, Even Losing Is Winning - by Neal Gabler, NY Times, Aug 16, 2016 / 7 pages

-20.The Republican Party’s White Strategy – by Gregory Reid, The Atlantic, Aug 2016 / 10 pages

- Videos and other readings about the election will be regularly posted at a web page here


- No Classes (Mon is Columbus Day, Weds a religious holiday) –


7. Oct 17-19  - Police, Black Lives, and Marijuana Arrests - Weds Oct 19 – Third Presidential Debate
- 21.The Scandal of Racist Marijuana Possession Arrests - by Harry Levine / 8 pages

- 22.Black Lives and the Police – by Darryl Pinckney / 7 pages

- 23.Investigation of the Baltimore City Police Department – by Vanita Gupta & the U.S Justice Dept / 10 pages


8. Oct 24-26 -  The Election and the Sociological Imagination /  (Wed 19th presidential debate)

Readings to be assigned and available online here: 


9. Oct 31-Nov 2  Review and  *******EXAM on WED NOV 2********


Preparing for the First Exam– download and print


The second book of readings is available at the Queens Copy Center where you bought the first one.  Buy and bring the next book of readings (A New Invitation to Sociology) to the midterm exam with your name printed on the cover, and you will get three extra points (or have your grade raised one level) on the midterm exam.



Part 2. Roles, Social Control, Culture, and Institutions



available in Oct at the Queens Copy Center


10. Nov  7-9  Election Nov 8

Chapter 1 – “Sociology As An Individual Pastime”


11. Nov 14-16

Chapter 2 – “Sociology As A Form Of Consciousness”


12. Nov 21-23 (Thanksgiving Thursday

Chapter 3 – “Sociological Perspective: The Individual in Society”


13. Nov 28-30

Chapter 4 – “Sociological Perspective: Society in the Individual”


14. Dec 5-7

Chapter 5 - Sociological Perspective—Society as Drama and Sociology as a Humanistic Discipline”


15. Dec 12  LAST CLASS


Chart of key terms in the last three chapters of Invitation to Sociology by Peter Berger (click to open)



Preparing to answer questions about Peter Berger's book, “Invitation to Sociology,” for the Final Exam



Additional Review Questions for the Final Exam on the first part of the course



Final Exam: WED. DEC 21 at 1:45 – 3:45 (as scheduled by the College registrar). 



The final exam covers the whole semester and all the readings and lectures. The final exam is cumulative.

This reading list is the most important document in the class. Know it well!

All final exams at the college, including ours, are scheduled by the QC Registrar and held in the two weeks following the last class.

"It can be said that the first wisdom of sociology is this: things are not what they seem."

– Peter Berger, Invitation to Sociology